The Snail Restaurant Sevenoaks

The Snail

History of The Snail

The Snail is a beautiful, Kentish, part ragstone building, which probably started life as a farm building in the 1700's.
By the mid 1840's it was being run as a beer house known as The Rose and Crown, which name prevailed until 1995.

The main part of the building we see today was to the best of our knowledge built circa 1750
The main part of the two storey section of the building on the northern side was built circa 1750 with a two storey extension added on the southern side circa 1800.

Circa 1850 the property was extended on the eastern side with the provision of what is currently the living room at first floor level together with a section of the restaurant area below. At about the same time the single storey extension on the eastern side was also added which currently comprises the office and a store. Circa 1970 a single storey extension was added on the eastern side.

The pub has been owned by many people in the past it was sold by a brewery in Wateringbury to Whitbread in the early twentieth century?

Left is an image from the inn sign you can still see the wrought iron surround on the sign today (see below).


Left Inn sign from 1953 a series pf playing card sized collectors items and the reverse and below around the same time quote from the Inns of Kent (click on image for a larger version)

The background
is a older document an Indenture signed by the Baron (Lionel) Sackville effectively giving the tenancy of the Rose and Crown to the landlords at that time (1893) Click to see larger image
This document can be viewed at the restaurant

Rose and Crown Stone Street
rose and crown stone street
In 1995 the pub was brought by The Slow Food Company, and the name  changed in line with that to The Snail at Stone Street, the idea being at that time there would be other "Snails" in different places. In 1997 The Slow Food Company closed, and Shawsgate Partnership brought The Snail at Stone Street and it has been in the Hutcheson family ever since.

The Hutcheson's still own the building and on retirement have agreed a 20 year lease to the current tenants.
Graham and Michael took over the tenancy in March 2014 from Evelina Cole and are building on her improvements to the property.